About the Artist

The Blessed Virgin Mary is a big part of my life.

Having Madonna Arts in my life has brought a great measure of peace and purpose.

It all began after I received a calling to spread Mary’s image. One evening, while I was looking at a print of the Virgen de Guadalupe, her face became animated and I heard a loud voice say, “Put me out there.”

The next day, I was energized with clear direction and set about decoding her message. Since my background includes an art degree, many successful years in sales and advertising, gallery management and certification in the framing craft….creating Madonna artwork to appeal to the masses, seemed like a perfect fit.

I have always been drawn to the art of the Madonna and scenes of the mother and child. They naturally display the maternal instinct to comfort, nurture, protect and love.

I choose the old-world style because it has a rich, fine art beauty that is timeless. Creating these pieces is labor intensive with a lot of attention to detail and includes over 22 steps to completion. The design is thoughtfully contemplated with Mary and the viewer in mind. Nothing is ever completed before it feels just right.

My life has been enriched with the stories that customers have shared with me about how the Madonna has impacted their lives. On more than one occasion, it was mentioned the presence of the Madonna can be felt in the room. When given as a gift, the receiver often holds her close. They are soothing for people who are ill and seemed to help fill a void and offer comfort for those in a time of loss.

Personally, Mary has become a large part of my life as I experience her influence daily. I feel the Virgin Mary is my partner in business and am blessed that I can be a witness to her unending love. — J.R.