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     As you browse through this religious art gallery, keep in mind that these pieces were created by the artist for you to experience Mary with your eyes and your heart, with three-dimensional halos and rosary bead borders. Layers of varnish are added for protection and also enhance the old-world patina. Unique accents include inlaid Swarovsky crystals, pearl, jade, garnet or lapis semi-precious stones.

All pieces are available in the large size, but some are available in small and/or medium sizes IF the important detail can still be seen. Additional sizes are noted (1)* star for medium, (2)**stars for medium/small.

Prices are as follows:                       Approximate Sizes:
                Large - $450                                     14" x 17"
                Med -   $350                                     12" x 15"
                Small - $225                                        7" x 9"

Surrounding the wood panel is a beautiful, ornate gold wood frame made especially for that piece. The back of the beveled wood panel is stained blue (the color most often associated with the Virgin Mary) and includes the particular story of that Madonna on parchment. To create a very special gift, consider an additional personalized greeting. After making your selection(s) you are ready to place your order with the artist. Please proceed to ordering.

 Standard 3" Frame on lrg & med size               Standard Frame - Octagon Panel

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           Guadalupe w/angels#2                          Our Lady Guadalupe#1**

 Mother of Streets #3**     Perpetual Help #4 swar $395   Mother & Child #5 jade

Praying Madonna#6**jade    Madonna & Child #7**      Mother & Child #9**pearl

Virg-Child-angels#54 swar     Guadalupe (Bust)#11**      Madonna of Roses #12

Adoration-Magi #13*swar    Mother & Child #15**          Miraculous Mary #16**swar

 Theotokos #17**garnet     Presentimento #18**           Mdna Santo Sisto #19*

Black Madonna #22*lapiz    O.L. Passion #23* garnet     Madonna of Veil #24*swar

Czestochowa#26 swar $395 Virgin in Prayer #29**swar   Madonna #33**pearl

Good Remedy#37**swar      Good Counsel #39**         Sor/Immac Heart#43 swar

Adoration Child #46*swar    Adoration of Magi #47*       Flight into Egypt #48*

Virg-Child-angels#54 swar    Sweet Kissing #55 garnet       Immaculada #35**

O.L. Knock #35 swar-jade   Pilgrim Image #27 swar$395     P. Pio Stigmata #28** rose

             Adoration of Magi #49 crystal                Frame Backing w/History



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