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Madonna Arts StorefrontThis artwork is presented in a way that captures the attention of a wide audience. It is meant to be a visual, tactile and spiritual experience. As fine art it will enrich your surroundings, a light lay of the hand over the art will awaken your senses, and the subject, mother and child, will recall the warm memories of a mother’s comfort, protection, nurturing and love. You will be drawn closer to our spiritual mother, known throughout history as the Great Protectress of all Peoples, the Queen of Peace and the Mediatrix of Graces, among others.

First of all, the old world art style was chosen because it represents a time when artists were able to capture the beauty and spirit of the Virgin Mary in their art. Reflecting the Virgin Mary as our intercessor and mother is the main focus of Madonna Arts. Therefore, only portions of images from paintings mainly of the 13 th to 17 th centuries are used. This era represents a wealth of Madonna art. Many artists received commissions from churches and individuals to paint religious art and the Virgin Mary was a common request.

As in that era, the “canvas” used is a wood panel and just as the halos were raised and decorative – these Madonnas have custom designed 3-dimensional halos. Old world techniques are revived to create the authentic look of aged art. Just as real gems were used to venerate religious art, Madonna Arts uses the finest Swarovski crystals, pearl, and semi-precious stones such as jade, garnet, and lapis to embellish the crowns and halos. As an example, Our Lady of Czestochowa and Our Lady of Perpetual Help have over 40 Swarovski crystals. Extra effort is taken to inlay embellishments. A beautiful custom made ornate gold wood frame surrounds the art.

One cannot think of Mary without associating her with the rosary. She often requested that these prayers by recited for the salvation of mankind. Raised borders signifying decades of the rosary are therefore incorporated into each piece.

In order to learn more about a particular Madonna, each of them comes with a detailed history that is carefully researched and displayed on parchment. Also, on the back panel, is exposed wood, purposely stained blue – the color most often associated with the Virgin Mary.

While on your tour of the virtual gallery, please keep in mind that there are limitations to displaying detail and actual beauty on a website. There are over 22 labor intensive steps to completing each piece. Because they are individually handcrafted, not two are exactly alike and custom orders are accommodated when possible.

Typically, an order can be delivered within 2 to 4 weeks. Whether you call in your order or e-mail via this website, it will give you and the artist to further customize your order with a greeting commemorating a special event. The Madonna is an unforgettable gift for a wedding, anniversary, birthday, baptism or special holiday.

I hope that you will experience with Madonna Arts, that careful thought and the execution of each piece of art was created with you and the Virgin Mary in mind.

~ Jean Ryan




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